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Anti-Piracy MP3 Technology
By Sylvia Dennis, Newsbytes

Pine Software has unveiled a breakthrough MP3 digital music device that it says solves all of the piracy issues currently affecting online music.

The unit, unveiled this morning at the CeBIT Computer Faire in Germany, incorporates copyright protection technology, as well as a variety of digital audio formats.

The UK-based firm says that its multi-codec player supports not only MP3, but newer formats - including AAC, WMA and MS Audio - and can be upgraded to any future digital audio format.

The unit's anti-copyright infringement device, meanwhile, attaches a unique serial number to each downloaded music file so that it cannot be played on or transferred to any other machines.

Marnie Sutton, the firm's vice president of sales, said that the as- yet unnamed unit will allow consumers to purchase a product that will continue to develop and adapt to the digital audio world around them.

"This extends the life of the player and further assists major artists and record labels in entering the digital audio arena - safely," she said, adding that the unit should start shipping in the third quarter of the year.

Pine says that the unit has been designed so that each downloaded music file looks for the unique serial number in the player, which is taken back into the song, so that the file cannot be played on or transferred to any other machines.

Sutton said that MP3 is a fantastic medium for the distribution of digital audio, but artists and record labels understandably still worry over copyright protection.

Pine's Web site is at .

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InsideMP3 Technology & your music : 
by Mike Manocchio

One of the greatest challenges to the musician and artist is getting your music heard and getting some recognition and familiarity associated with your name. The internet is one of the best (and cheapest) tools in the artist's arsenal for doing this. This month we look at using the internet and "MP3" technology to help accomplish these goals.

MP3 is a music compression format that is very popular means of exchanging music on the internet. Just visit and you'll see that even the big boys are paying very close attention to this technology. In fact, they're shaking in their corporate booties trying to figure out how they are going to control this technology (but thats another story).

Any song can be "encoded" in MP3 format. MP3 also offers a variety of sound quality levels for encoding. These range from very poor quality to CD quality reproduction. Once a song is encoded in MP3 format, it can be distributed over the internet to an audience of over 100 million listeners around the world. The MP3 file is made avaiable for download. Listeners download the file and have their own copy of the song which they can play any time using MP3 player software. If words like "pirating" and "copyright infringement" are dancing through your head right now, stay with us, we're about to talk about these very important issues.

Alright, time to discuss the strategy. The strategy is simple, from each CD you have, pick a couple of tracks, encode CD quality MP3 versions, and make them available on every web site possible on the internet for free. There are many sites that will accpet your MP3 submissions and make them available to their visitors for download. If you have your own web site it should also include some full length MP3 music. The idea is to get as much exposure for the music as possible. Get as many people to download your music as you can.

Now, lets talk about pirating and copyright infringement. Many people feel that MP3 technology is hurting the recording industry because of these considerations. This is a very big topic to tackle. For the sake of brevity, let me just make a few key observations. Just 20 minutes ago I took about 60 seconds of my time and found pirated MP3 versions of some of Celine Dione's music on the internet. It was super easy to find. I hear her career is going quite well just the same. In Celine Dione's case, she may be losing some relatively small amount of money in sales due to MP3 music. Alternatively, she may have made a few extra sales because people were able to find her music, on their own time, listen to it, and decide they really wanted the whole CD for their CD player. Note that Celine Dione probably never authorized internet MP3 versions of her music. Yet, IT IS OUT THERE ANYWAY. It will happen to your music too if you gain enough recognition. If you are not at that stage, there really is no down side.

The best thing that can happen is that lots of people download and play your music. Hopefully they'll make some illegal copies for their friends and tell them all about you. The point is, you will be known, remembered, HEARD, and talked about. This is fantastic (and expensive) publicity for free. You will win fans from all over the world by exposing yourself to a much broader fan base. There are other advantages as well. For example, I guarantee you that soon you will hear of some band that got their big break because some recording exec. heard their music on the internet and gave them a call. What if you went to a record lable or distributor and told them that you had 10,000 downloads of a certain song and 1067 people emailed you asking where the CD was available? Give it away and they will pay you for more. Netscape built an empire on this philosophy - so can you. Let them copy and distribute your music. If they do a good enough job, your phone will be ringing soon! Remember, the internet and MP3 are your friends. They level the playing field somewhat between you and big label artists and allow you to do things you would never be able to afford otherwise.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. A great place to start your adventure is They have all of the software you need to encode and playback, as well as a wealth of articles on the topic that will go into depth on points we have only glossed over. will aslo accept your MP3's and make them available on thier site (which gets a huge number of visitors). There are a great many websites that contain links to free MP3 music, just do asearch under "MP3 free music" on any engine.

To get you started:  - they have had over 5-million downloads of independent music in just a few months  - great site with all the fixings   - mp3 music and information   - add you music link

  •   - a fantastic site that lists piles of sites and links.

    1. All the software you need can be found at
    2. Making MP3's is usually a 2 stage process. First you "Rip" the music from an audio CD with "CD Ripper" software. This will create a large "wav" file on your hard drive. Next you use an "encoder" to make an MP3 file from the "wav" file.
    3. Try the "CDCopy" CD Ripper software package. Its free and does a nice job.
    4. Try the "Bladeenc" encoder. It is a very good free MP3 encoder and should be great for your purposes.
    5. ALWAYS listen to your MP3's before you post them anywhere. Distortion is possible and it can be introduced by the "ripper" or "encoder".
    6. "Winamp" is a great shareware MP3 player. Registering it costs 10.00 and it is well worth it.
    7. Encode your music at with the following options 128kbps / stereo
    8. On your own web site, include a Real Audio version of your music so the listeners can preview your music. MP3 files are large. Many people won't download it if they can't preview it first.



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